Essoldo Cinema Stretford


A long underused cinema and landmark building in

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Roller Skating Rink?
by: @longfordessoldocinema 1299431162
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It seems likely that the building is shortly to become the home of Silver Wheels, the roller skating rink from Broadheath that is closing this month due to the shared use building being demolished. More info at link below. Thumbs up or thums down?

South Mcr Music Venue
by: @hayleyflynn 1296170871
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I think a new music venue. I know there are lots and it’s out of the way a little but so is the Apollo; if the venue’s right and has a certain something then it will succeed and not to mention all of the Chorlton traffic that will LOVE the venue. In terms of it being a community venture perhaps it could serve as studio space or run music classes throughout the day. I think it would be a wonderful community venture

Stretford Community Hub
by: @anton 1296131215
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After wandering why this iconic buildling has been left to decay I came across this site. I'd love to see this developed into a community resource, perhaps supporting local social enterprises and running community activities and events. I live local, and would be interested in working with others to look into this. The following link is not mine, but provides loads of info on this place.


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I agree Hayley, a music venue, combining community use, studios etc could be great.. I wander if there may be an opportunity to organise a one off gig in the space to raise awareness, build support etc..... No idea if that's feasible in current condition?

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Abbas Ali Abbas Ali wrote on South Mcr Music Venue: 1296171129

Brilliant idea for an amazing venue, that deserves to be used.

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