About Us

The Place Station introduces owners of land and buildings across the UK to social and community entrepreneurs with ideas for transforming their local area - providing a space where people can:

  • Search for land and buildings
  • Add a Place they'd like to see owned and managed by the community
  • Add an Idea for transforming local services
  • Propose new uses for available land and buildings
  • Comment on and offer to support an Idea or Proposal for a Place
  • Find pro-bono supporters where they live to put their Ideas and Proposals into practice

The Place Station has been developed by the Asset Transfer Unit and 00:/.

The Asset Transfer Unit helps to empower local people and organisations to transform land and buildings into vibrant community spaces whilst supporting the development of a thriving third sector. We are the leading provider of expert advice, guidance and support concerning the transfer of under-used land and buildings from the public sector to community ownership and management - helping organisations to develop those assets and deliver long-term social, economic and environmental benefits.

The Unit is led and managed by the Development Trusts Association - the UK's leading network of community enterprise practitioners - in association with Community Matters and the Local Government Association. It is funded by Communities and Local Government.